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With the importance of air quality control more prevalent in society than it has ever been, it is hardly surprising that companies from all industries are taking steps to improve conditions inside their buildings.  This was recently exemplified when a renowned food distributor contacted Andrews Air Conditioning with a view to making some adaptations to their existing set-up.

The air conditioning at their headquarters in London was supplied by dozens of cassette and split type systems, but these lacked a fresh air supply to some of the smaller offices. In this instance, our client wanted to enhance the air quality within these working areas.

Following a comprehensive site survey which was carried out by one of our local experts, a proposal was made to help disinfect recirculating air by adding UVc light equipment to their units.
Upon this being agreed, our engineers fitted UVc devices to all high wall split units and cassette units. Each unit was then tested for UV leakage in accordance with industry regulations, ensuring that our customer’s workforce was protected from potentially harmful light.

Most organisations are able to exceed the standards set out within indoor air quality legislation by using a combination of particulate filters, UVc light and fresh air. It is critical that the installation of UVc equipment is undertaken by skilled engineers and that high quality testing apparatus is used to verify that all procedures have been completely correctly.

Although many of our customers typically associate us with repairs, maintenance and installation, this project gives an insight into the many other services we offer to help maximise the impact of your air conditioning system. For more information on Andrews Additions – including damage protection, theft alarms, thermal insulation